The Kennedy 20 building is located in the center of Rome’s EUR district, a visionary urban design project dating from 1930s and is an unparalleled example of Rationalist architecture. It was the former headquarters of the Italian insurance company INA.

The building, which faces its exact semi-circular twin across a large ceremonial square…


Kennedy 20 is an iconic reference point in the EUR urban planning project. It was designed in 1939 by Giovanni MuzioMario Paniconi and Giulio Pediconi, except for the top floor which dates from the 1960s.

The complex revolves around a main axis: the semi-circular exedra with its central entrance, the open interior courtyard, and…


Kennedy 20 is undergoing an ambitious renovation that reinterprets the historic building in a contemporary tone. The renewal includes an upgrade of heating and cooling plants, restoration of high quality decorative elements, and improvements to outdoor areas and terraces. Each room allows for an efficient and flexible organization of space, providing…


  • Prestigious central reception area serving the entire building
  • Side entrances can be converted for dedicated use
  • Floors or portions of floors can be subdivided
  • Lowered ceilings
  • Raised floors can be installed
  • Lighting system equipped with motion sensors
  • Heating and cooling system equipped with electric heat pump and air circulation; internal HVAC systems can be modified according to preference
  • Building Management System (BMS) for integrated management and monitoring
  • Large roof terrace for corporate events
  • Space available for archives and parking


The graphic and numerical information contained in the 3D model, surface areas and renderings provide a detailed technical analysis and highlight the multiple potential uses of Kennedy20, confirming its status as a functional and versatile real estate asset.